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e-TradeWay has developed a suite of tools that allows your business to take control of your use of components and consumables. Each one is based around an order point solution that offers a different way of dispensing product and each one makes excellent use of the CENS Gnode.. Each of these is internet enabled, meaning that issue data is collected at the order point and sent to a secure server where usage histories are stored. This data is made visible in customisable viewers and reports.

The range of solutions offered by e-TradeWay includes:

i- POS - internet enabled Point of Sale
Dispenses your full range of products from a browser-based standard or touch screen. Suitable for managed trade counters.

Industrial vending dispenser for secure issuing on a 24/7 basis. Eliminates product waste and saves time.

Scanner based data collection with fully connected browser based data management. Rapid issuing with accurate histories.

Direct-to-web controlled access for user-controlled self-issuing. Invaluable for mobile service teams.

Each of the above products is integrated directly to e-TradeWay's StockManager and OrderManager software modules for full stock control and automatic order fulfilment. See e-TradeWay.co.uk for more.

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