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Industrial Vending

  • Industrial Vending gives you full control over valuable stock on a 24/7 basis.
  • Integrated auto-procurement cuts down on re-ordering overheads.
  • Data visibility allows you to analyse historical data and improve cost control.
  • Vend allocations to client accounts optimises billings for stock use on projects and so protects your revenue stream.

With our Gnode fully integrated within the keypad of a Deutsche Wurlitzer vending machine, you can have:

  • Auto-capture of vends from a variety of vending technologies, including controlled access stores.
  • Vend layouts can be adjusted to maximise sales.
  • Vending by cashless card allows usage analysis by person, by product, by cost code and job number.
  • A full history of vends is always visible.
  • Vend Highway can be integrated to Scan Highway and other TradeWay order point technologies.
  • Stock level tracking, including buffer stock, allows you to optimise supply chain deliveries.
  • Vends feed directly into our TradeWay automatic replenishment system.
  • You have control over re-order points and replenishment quantities.

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