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The management of countryside byways and pathways has become a major issue following recent legislation. CENS Systems has extensive experience of monitoring in remote areas.

Gates and Stiles, Bridlesways and open footpaths can all provide counting points. Crucially, our unique sensor to desktop communications technology means that we can gather your data from multiple locations at low cost.

Our countryside solutions are low power, off-grid devices. Solar panels (or large batteries) allow us to provide data consistently over long periods. Vandal proofing within unobtrusive, environmentally coherent housing is fundamental to our service.

Our solar powered outdoor
counting pedestal

We have now developed an off-the-shelf package that includes everything you need to start counting. Sensor, GPRS enabled data logger, batteries and (optional) solar panel are all included. After some simple initial steps we simply send you the equipment. A simple install procedure follows.

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