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The Gnode

With our powerful, universal Gnode - our programmable, smart, embedded mini-server - C.E.N.S. Systems can measure any parameter for which a sensor device exists. We can link our equipment to analogue, digital or operator activated signals. We can also link to actuating devices to enable back loop response functions.

We can help you choose the best sensing solution through our wide range of partners in the sensing and automation industries. Our business involves streaming your data in a way that adds value by providing enhanced control, response and compliance and audit opportunities.
Standard G-Node with superimposed cutaway.
The device is solid state, surface mounted
with a range of enclosure options to DP67.

The Gnode provides you with two-way communication with the field, allowing you to:

  • Gather data on multiple digital or analogue channels, with on-board memory & processing.
  • Send tailored datagrams through a local or wide area network or internet.
  • Transmit alerts at pre-set thresholds, forward to mobile networks if required.
  • Send return commands to change system or equipment settings.
  • Stream reverse path data for remote information displays



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