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Sensor to Desktop - The complete solution

C.E.N.S. Networks Architecture

CENS Systems have developed a sensed data streaming solution that can capture data from almost any analogue or digital device and stream it to any number of users through desktop internet browsers. The technology is powerful, secure, real-time, always on and can be customised for a wide range of sensing needs including two-way feedback solutions.

Our solution can be configured in many ways depending on whether you are capturing your data from locations with an existing local information technology infrastructure or locations in the field. The general architecture is illustrated below:

The links in this chain can be wireless or landline enabled depending on need. The data is streamed from single or multiple sensors. It is delivered through standard internet browsers to pre-defined closed user groups stratified by secure log-in technology. This allows different data summaries to be presented to operatives, line managers or planning staff.


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